Archeological locations

Discover some of the most important heritage sites in the Peloponnese during your summertime stay in a couple of hours drive . Feel the sacred atmosphere at Olympia the birthplace of the Olympic Games, the second popular ancient site in Greece. Visit the outstanding and excellently restored temple of Apollo Epicurius in Elis mountains, as well as the imposing Clermont Castle (Chlemoutsi) next to Kyllini. 

Cruising the Ionian

Set course with your private or rented boat docked at the nearby small fisherman’ s marina of Palouki just 600 m away from the villas to explore the Seven Islands or “Eptanisa” (from the Greek words “epta” and “nisos”) with the pristine beaches and the idyllic villages.
At 270o West and just 17 n. miles across the villas’ lies the island of Zakynthos (Zante from the Venetians) with its stunning and world famous Navagio beach. A little further is Kefalonia with the tiny villages and the breathtaking Myrtos white pebbles coastline, Ithaka, the Ulysses’ wind protected island and Lefkada and tiny Scorpios, the mythical Onassis private island.

Dining and local products

Taste Amaliadas' watermelons (product of origin) the sweetest in alla Europe, cultivated in the clayey Kourouta fields as well as the high-quality virgin local olive oil with rich taste and lowest acidity. Also, enjoy the fresh fish and local cuisine in the one of the many local tavernas of bustling Kourouta or any of nearby villages.

Sports and activities

Water ski at Kaiafas lake with the European Champion Giorgios Hatzis or relax at the therapeutic mud baths& spa of Kyllini. Try the trekking experience at the Neda’s crystal and cool waterfalls. Cycle on Kourouta”s smooth and quite  paved routes or windsurf in front of your house!